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''We are very pleased with the quality of the cleaning at our offices. Thank you for giving us someone who is reliable and cheerful.''


''Spring Action has offered us an exceptional standard of cleaning services. They are friendly, approachable and efficient. I have found the staff flexible, reliable and accommodating, in particular the cleaner we have allocated has been outstanding with a strong work ethic and passion to clean. He is punctual, reliable and always accommodating. I recommend this business wholeheartedly.''

Positive Youth Foundation

"We’ve loved working with Malama and the Spring Action team.  They offer a brilliant service and we think it’s a great way to invest in and support refugees in our city."

St Laurence Hall

''We are very grateful for Spring Action Cleaning.  They work very hard to make sure the cleaning stays of a high quality each week. We appreciate the kind and courteous cleaner, who comes here each week!  We recommend Spring Action Cleaning.''


''We have been using Spring Action for a long time now, and the cleaner has been a welcome addition to the team. We are very happy with the service and have plans to increase the service now that we are expanding the size of our office. We hope that this enterprise continues to grow and will be used across the city.''

City Of Culture

“Our cleaner is brilliant, very reliable and undertakes a professional job ensuring health and safety is maintained.  She communicates any problems to us promptly and is friendly and helpful in undertaking additional cleaning tasks.”


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